Air Conditioning Compressors

Air-Con Compressors

We supply brand new original equipment and aftermarket compressors for cars, vans, HGV's, agricultural vehicles and plant machinery and they come with a full 12 month warranty (subject to Terms and Conditions).

The compressor is the driving force of the air conditioning system and is also known as the air conditioning pump, it is a vital part of the system and is mounted within the engine compartment. The function of the compressor is to pressurise the refrigerant turning it from liquid to gas, they can suffer from clutch failure, damaged valves, a lack of oil or even too much oil. Before replacing a failed compressor it is important to identify why the current one has failed.

How to notice compressor failure:

  1. Vehicle is not getting cold when air conditioning is operated – compressor clutch is not engaging
  2. A change to the engine tone - you should be able to hear a change in the running of the vehicle if the compressor is engaging

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