Air Conditioning Condensers

Air-Con Condensers

We supply brand new OE specification vehicle condensers for cars, vans HGV's, agricultural vehicles and plant machinery and they come with a full 12 month warranty (subject to Terms and Conditions).

The function of the condenser is to change gas to liquid expelling heat from the vehicle, the unit is positioned at the front of the vehicle which makes them prone to damage from impact, corrosion and the elements, causing it to leak and lose refrigerant.

Condenser failure is the most frequent cause of an air conditioning problem.

How to check for condenser failure:

  1. Dark oily patch on the surface – PAG oil circulates with the refrigerant in the system so some of this oil will be deposited at the point of failure
  2. Vehicle is not getting cold when air conditioning is operated – refrigerant will leak from point of failure
  3. Detection of UV Dye – When we re gas an air conditioning system we always add a UV Dye which can be detected by a special UV light which enables us to detect a leak in the system

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